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Yoga for 12 Step Recovery

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2 Saturdays / Month


You are invited to embody the teachings of the 12-Step Recovery Model. This model originated with Alcoholics Anoynmous, and can serve anyone working through addiction recovery.  With the addition of hatha yoga, you get the chance to feel teachings like surrender, inner wisdom, and compassion within your own body. 

  • Y12SR is for ANYONE seeking support to navigating their own addiction OR other’s addictions

  • Y12SR gets that addiction isn’t limited to substances but comes in many flavors, including relationships, sex, eating disorders, exercise, social media…. ALL places where we get lost are supported here. 

  • This is an open and inclusive group.


These practices will include a 45 minute recovery meeting followed by a 45 minute yoga practice. Come and build community, support your recovery, and get some compassionate movement into your body.

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About Naomi

 Naomi Watkins is a licensed clinical social worker, chemical dependency counselor,

and yoga therapist. 

She is in long term recovery.

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