So that everyone enjoys the journey, we have a few simple requests: 

Our Covid Policy 

We are working together to keep everyone healthy and safe. We trust members of our community to make choices that feel safe and aligned for you. 

  • Stay home when you're not feeling well, or if you've potentially been exposed.

  • All students and staff need to be symptom-free.

  • Masks are WELCOME and optional. 

  • If you test positive: please practice at home until at least 10 days after your positive test and mask until day 14.  

  • Our teachers are testing regularly.

  • Our HVAC air filtration system is circulating and cleaning air at all times.    

Studio Policies

Class refund policy: If you sign up for class and realize you won't make it, please be considerate and cancel your reservation. If you reserve a place in class and do not cancel two hours in advance, you will be charged for the class. Members will be charged $20, and class pack holders will have a class deducted. For classes before 7am the policy is to cancel by 9pm the night before or you will be charged for class.  This policy allows us to compensate our teachers for their time and commitment. We thank you in advance for honoring this. 

Student Agreements

So that everyone enjoys the journey, we have a few simple requests: 

1. All are Welcome

At Auke Bay Yoga we value diversity. We enforce a zero tolerance policy for discrimination based on age, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, mental or physical disability, body type, race, religion or political belief. We respect all students’ motivation for practicing yoga – whether for fitness, spiritual awakening and healing, or anything else. All folx are welcome with open arms


2. Commitment

We start and finish class together. Please arrive 10 minutes early and stay through the final savasana.

3. Tech -Break

Turn off your phone & tune-in to your practice. Cell phones are not permitted in the practice rooms unless you are on call. 

4. Keep it Clean

We enjoy practicing close together because it creates an amazing energy in the room. Please use clean gear and refrain from using fragrances. 


5. Honest Practice

It is essential that you listen to your body. We encourage students to support and modify your individual practice.  Honor your injuries and don’t force. Our team will help you choose a class that is appropriate for your goals and level of experience, so please reach out if you are not sure.

6. Keep it Kind 

We all practice yoga for different reasons. Respect others by following our etiquette guidelines and share the love.

Feel what we are about.  


 Students enjoy meaningful and lasting results.


There is transformation here.