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Vinyasa is Sanskrit for “to place in a special way.” In a vinyasa flow class, teachers guide through an intentionally planned flow that warms and opens the body. You may move towards a peak pose or study an alignment principle. Teachers will offer heat-building flows that connect, again and again, with the breath. Classes are taught at 75F or less. 



Hatha, from Sanskrit for “sun” and “moon”, is about balance, both effort and surrender. In this class you will move through a series of postures that open and energize the body, as well as postures that sooth and calm. Except a conscientious, rhythmic pace. While movements might make you sweat, class will be taught at normal room temperature. 


In Forrest Yoga Classes we focus on learning to breathe deeply and feel your body in new and exciting ways.  You learn how to build strength safely. You open tight spots, work your core like never before, and build internal heat through rhythmic movements as well as longer-held poses. Classes will be taught at 85F. 



Our pre-and peri-natal summer series is for people preparing for childbirth, and for those who have recently given birth. These classes connect students with their bodies during this important transition and support recovery after birth.



Developed by Kung Fu practitioners seeking deeper openings, yin has found its way in the west as an antidote to our fast-moving lives. Yin acknowledges the ancient foundations of yoga postures, which were seated meditations. In this class, you’ll go deeeeep into your connective tissue in challenging but supported postures. This practice deeply nourishes the body and soothes the nervous system. Yin is traditionally taught cool. Bring your coziest sweaters. 

Yoga w/ weights

A unique and challenging practice that combines yoga poses with upper body weight training for a full body workout. It lets you reap the benefits of both yoga and weight training to support bone and joint health and strengthening. While practicing some of your favorite standing and single leg balancing yoga asanas, you will incorporate light to moderate dumbbells to work your arms, shoulders, chest, back and core and legs/ Modifications are provided for different abilities. While movements might make you sweat, class will be taught at normal room temperature. 

Laughing Yoga


A space for the LGBTQIA+ community and guests to come together and explore the restorative power of linking breath to movement. Led by and for LGBTQIA+ identifying folks. Class offered on a sliding scale.

Interested in this class? Email for more information. 

Warrior One

Ashtanga Yoga

The Ashtanga Primary Series (yoga chikitsa) is a vigorous vinyasa sequence that links breath to movement in a set series of postures. It begins with Sun Salutations (A and B) and moves through a series of standing and seated postures. Expect a demanding, but deeply rewarding, flow.  



Progress on the yoga journey requires honesty, deep listening, and an open heart. This only happens when we are in an environment where others understand us and we can freely be ourselves. Most yoga studios center around the “white” experience- which leaves many BIPOC folks feeling alone, misunderstood, and constantly having to explain their point of view.  Many BIPOC people “code-switch” during class, change their behavior to make white people feel more comfortable. Aims understands how tiring, stressful, and toxic these environments can be so we created a space just for us.  


Auke Bay offers accessible and donation-based yoga class for the BIPOC community offered by Aims (Pint Size) Villanueva. These classes will explore the fullness of Yoga. Together we begin to heal and understand systemic oppression and the resulting grief of having our natural born rights to be happy and free diminished or taken away because of race or ethnicity. As a community we come together to breath, move and support each others growth and unique gifts. 


Please give what you can, (suggested sliding scale $5-30) we believe finances should not limit your access to yoga.

Dancing with Headphones

Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic dance is a time to enter into your body through free movement, to move how your body wants to move. Joy, tears, grief, laughter, and sorrow are all welcome. The dance opens and closes with a short ritual. Gentle guidance is provided at the beginning to help us thaw into our moving body. No dance experience is necessary, so come with an open mind.

ABY will offer one monthly ecstatic dance for All Bodies, and an additional monthly class for People of the Global Majority. Coming soon! 



Personalized Yoga Instruction designed with you and for you. These sessions are great for all kinds of situations ranging from new-to-yoga introductions and basics, to addressing a unique injury or health dynamic, to creating a practice you can maintain on your own. 

private instruction


Book a Session for Your Team.  Stress Management for the Workplace. Delete stress.  Refresh wellness.  Auke Bay Yoga offers yoga classes for companies that want to incorporate physical activity and mindfulness into their stress management programs.  Our workplace workshops offer movement, mindfulness, and meditation to help employees experience a deep state of body-centered restful awareness both on and off the mat. Employees leave refreshed, relaxed, and resilient. 



This workshop is as it sounds  - exercises to strengthen the neck stabilizer muscles and shoulders, self-massage to soothe tight neck muscles, and tools to re-establish healthy posture and movement habits at work.  Posture is critically important for our overall health and wellbeing.  When working at computers and sitting all day, we unconsciously fall into habitual postures and maintain those static attitudes for long periods of time--and we then pay a hefty price–pain, disordered breathing, and reduced performance.  When we bring the light of awareness to how we sit, stand, and move, we start to recognize if our postures are helping or harming us.


This workshop is a unique blend of breath and mindfulness practices, yoga postures, functional movement, and anatomy education.  The work you will experience in this workshop is based on the healing philosophies of Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk M.D. as expressed in his best-selling book The Body Keeps Score, including polyvagal theory, the Roll Model Method® techniques of self massage, and yoga.  Employees will be offered tools in the fields of breath and mindfulness to counteract stress and foster resilience.


Lets co-create something just for your team based from the specific feedback and needs of your people.

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