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Yoga is a pathway to personal power, boundaries, self care AND community care.   Yoga is for everyone.  All bodies belong in yoga because yoga is about attuning to and communing with the forces within and around us — the force of unity and oneness.  Unity = Everybody. It’s as simple as that.


Susanna Barkataki, Author of Embracing Yoga's Roots   



Yoga is my safe harbor.  My practice is an anchorage where I come home to remember who I am and how I want to live and move through the world.  My practice is keeps me accountable in the best way to how it is that I want create my energy, my strength, my resilience, and my wellness so that I can live my life in alignment with my values and in connection and harmony with myself and all my relations. 

My yoga mat is a laboratory for life.  Like a science lab it is a controlled environment in which I can practice being in new, vulnerable and non-habituated ways and where wins, failures and evidence from my practice transform into extraordinary and embodied lessons for my life.  

My practice serves me in infinite ways getting me strong, regulated, present, aligned, balanced, grounded, awake, alert, energized, relaxed, embodied, aware, and connected to my spirit, to the nature and wildness inside and outside of my body and the truths that matter most in my life.  

All of the above is why I am SO incredibly passionate and admittedly nerdy about learning and sharing everything I can about this incredible practice.  

In terms of teaching style, I have more than 500 hrs of certified teacher training (RYT500).  My strongest influence over the years has been Ana Forrest whose month-long immersive teacher training program in 2006 and many workshops thereafter led to new depths of personal, physical and spiritual exploration. I am equally intrigued with the science based movement and conditioning practices of biomechanics, the deep myofascial release of Yoga Tune-Up therapy balls with the Roll Model Method and the healing and spiritual bedrock practices of Forrest Yoga. Drawing on my life's experiences which include recovering from extreme body image and eating disorder challenges, as well as perfectionist, people pleasing and co-dependent habits, and birthing two children I teach challenging classes balanced with a gentle focus on healing physical and emotional injuries. In my classes you can expect a deep anchoring in breath, down regulation of the nervous system to counter act stress, playful sequencing and exploring your physical edges.  I hope to see you on the mat!  

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