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Auke Bay Yoga is delighted to welcome Shelly Losasso as our summer residency guest teacher. An experienced Forrest Yoga teacher, here's her introduction in her own words:

It is moment, day, life-altering what happens when you are able to slow down and follow one breath at a time. This seemingly automatic part of existence changed my world and made me fall in love with Forrest Yoga. 


I found the practice in the most curious of ways nearly 15 years ago. I had been plagued by shoulder pain after a long and competitive career of lacrosse. Nothing I tried was helping and then a little yoga studio named Root opened above my favorite spice shop and my eyes were opened. I furthered my education by attending the Forrest Yoga Foundation Training with Ana Forrest in the United Kingdom. I then went on to complete my mentorship with Kiki Lovelace at Interstellar Yoga in California and assisted Cheryl Deer in large classes and trainings in Denver, Colorado which is my home. 


What kept me going was the sense of community and the ‘come as you are’ mentality that runs through the veins of the practice. I was exposed to people and ways of thinking that I never believed I would resonate with, and they became my friends, my family. My goal as a Forrest Yoga teacher is to hold tightly to the tenants that made the practice ring so true to me. I hope to inspire anyone that comes to my classes to know that they are in a safe space to be who they are no matter how confused, different, messy, curious, elated, angry, joyous, hopeless, or hopeful they may be on any given day. No matter what, there is a place for you and there is a part of the practice that is accessible. 


I firmly believe the bravest thing anyone can do is show up; we are all in that together. I look forward to practicing with and learning from you.