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Auke Bay Yoga is a place for connection, community, and embodiment: living fully present in your body.  We begin with movement as our compass on this journey.


We help people counterbalance 'hustle' culture, burnout, and daily grind-induced fatigue. We teach movement and mindset practices to give students tools to live steady, calm, and connected to a supportive and nurturing community on and off the mat.

Auke Bay Yoga 

Our Teachers 

are an exceptional and welcoming group of trained leaders who maintain a safe and inclusive space for all students. You belong here whether you’re a beginner or seasoned yoga student. 


 We help people take a break from their busy minds and discover the innate intelligence of their bodies. We teach movement flows and mindset shifts that strengthen, balance, calm, and recover your physical and mental body, so that you can thrive in your busy life with more ease, less pain, a lifted mood, and the support of our welcoming community! 

Our Students 

come from all walks of life.  


At our studio, people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities gather to learn, explore yoga, and inspire one another. You will feel welcomed and accepted in our small-town studio by our friendly teachers and student community–no matter where you are on your movement or yoga journey. 

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