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Seeds and Ceremony

Ceremony by its simplest definition is a ritualized practice. Finding the sacred in things that are otherwise experienced as ordinary or mundane. It is a way of sitting in the sacredness of life and making the brave-hearted choice to quest for the beauty in all things.

Our teaching team at Auke Bay Yoga met recently for a seed blessing and planting ceremony in gratefulness for all of the beauty and medicine of seeds.

Auke Bay Yoga Seed Gratitude and Spring Planting Ceremony 4/2/22

We have laid the groundwork here for growth. For personal growth as humans and leaders and collective growth of our team into a thriving community that provides nourishment, sustenance and fertilization for the hundreds of lives we will touch with healing and love inside these walls and out in the community.

With our seeds we honor the brilliance of the Beings who carry the code of new Life.

We give thanks for the immense rich diversity and adaptability of seeds, for their responsiveness to weather and land and all the evolutionary forces which challenge and shape life-forms.

We stand in awe of the seed’s ability to remember its divine instruction of Plant and bring that forth from the soil, water, and sun-always true to self and authenticity.

We give thanks for the hope and the teachings of seeds: seeds which can stay quiet and still, looking like pieces of stone until conditions are just right for them to break open and grow.

“Beloved seeds, you renew and sustain life. Your ancient memory and vast potential are the magic needed to grow a forest, a garden and a new tomorrow. Precious seeds, through your trees, plants, food and medicine, you are the source of our nourishment, vitality and healing. We exist in the beauty of our lives because of you. We offer you our gratitude. May you thrive within the sacred cycles of Mother Earth, in fertile soil, clean waters and abundant sunlight. In a respectful way, may you be planted, harvested and stored. May your benevolent powers and ancient wisdom be recognized, valued, honored and nurtured.”

Writing Prompt: What quality, virtue, boundary, integrity, habit, are you planting today that you can commit to watering, fertilizing and tending to in the next month? Write that on a piece of paper and plant that in the dirt with your seed. See what grows!


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