Lesson on Integrity: Studio Ownership Week 3

It’s week 3 since opening Auke Bay Yoga’s doors and I am finally coming up for air and reflecting. While there have been bumps and kinks as we get systems figured out the opening of our community yoga shala has been infused with so much light and beauty. The enthusiasm of our teaching team, the courage of our students to try something new and the co-creation of it all has been truly joyful. I am SO GRATEFUL.

Now, pausing to reflect, I have a few personal lessons to share (maybe you will relate and see some of yourself here). Once again I’m learning how sneaky my shadows can be. They do not like to be out in the light because when they are revealed and clear they often look so silly. Lately, as I reverted to some hustling, doing and go-go-going to get Auke Bay Yoga’s doors open to my recovering perfectionist standards some of my shadows crept right on in and confronted my integrity which is my number one value. Thus, I’m committing to some course corrections.

What did these shadows look like?

  1. People pleasing

  2. Perfectionism

  3. Hustling and grinding away into the wee hours to make it perfect

  4. Equating my self-worth with the number of students coming through the door