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June NewsLetter: New Month, New Opportunities!

Dear friends, 

To get a taste of an awe-inspiring summer offering we are planning for you, the team at Auke Bay Yoga recently gathered for practice followed by a whale watching excursion (if you’re skimming, yoga + whale watching is just one of the meaningful events we are creating this month). Gazing back at our local trees and foliage from the boat, we marveled at the intense shades of green happening during deep spring in our community. While nature’s color pallet grows brighter every day, we at Auke Bay Yoga have been focused on growing offerings to support what may be coming up for you this month.


While we’ve been conditioned to think of Memorial Day as the beginning of summer and its increased light, activities and socializing, we invite you to give yourself permission to balance the doing with “being”; to take time to reflect on how it feels to move through the transitional season of spring as the unique individual you are. 

Ayurveda, the ancient “science of life” connected to yoga, views this time of year as “kapha season”. That means the qualities of earth and water are present around us as snow melts, the ground warms and the spring showers fall. Earth and water converge to mud which is dense and sticky. Because we are more sensitive to the natural world than we may have time to notice, some of us may feel “muddy” with fatigue and stagnancy that our practices can support us through.


Our invitation to you this month is to experience the nourishment and enlivening

qualities of community, therapeutic movement, creativity and fresh perspectives that abound on our June schedule. Just as the wildness around us blooms with renewal, we are thrilled to share the addition of a skilled guest teacher, a new evening class designed to offer deep restoration and a valuable offer (a 5 month membership for only $555) to help you keep coming back to your mat, and yourself, in a season that entices us to engage outwardly a little more every day. 




June’s guest teacher, Rashaana Green, begins her weekly workshop series with “Unwinding the Tension of the Hips, Neck and Shoulders” In this hip and shoulder opening practice, expect to explore how release can bring relief to areas of tension in the body. 


Lindsey Bloom will be teaching the first of three “Breath of The Sea” yoga and whale watching sessions. Breath of the Sea is a unique and exhilarating experience that combines the serenity of yoga with the thrill of whale watching. The experience begins by unwinding with a 1hr long rejuvenating yoga class at our tranquil studio, followed by a leisurely stroll to the nearby dock. Board one of Jayleen's Alaska's boats and set off into the open waters


Rahshaana Green will guide “Free Your Spine/Open Your Heart”. Rahshaana will use this backbend-focused workshop to explore how we can support our openness to connection and compassion in our lives by caring for and connecting with our bodies.


Bailey is stoked to offer “Yoga for Pride: Hold Your Head Up”. June is PRIDE month, and this special class will release tension in the shoulders, upper back, neck and jaw, so you’ll walk out with your head held high.  All LGBTQIA+ community and allies welcome. Class is by donation.  .


Join Rahshaana Green for a firey Summer Solstice ritual, where we'll harness the energy of the longest day of the year to ignite inner light and balance. A wonderful time to cultivate a deeper sense of harmony and connection within ourselves and the world around us. Through a series of guided practices, meditations, and rituals, awakening that r inner radiance and setting intentions for a radiant path ahead. 

Rahshaana Green will be continuing her workshop series with “Experiencing Resilience by Creating Balance”. In this class, balancing postures help us explore how we can use our breath and movement to balance our mind, heart, body and nervous system 

Rashaana will be closing her time with our ABY community by teaching an arm balance and inversions workshop called “Riding the Wave.” This workshop plays with inversions and arm balancing poses as a way of noticing and navigating our emotions on and off the mat (as well as building skillfulness in upside down postures).




Yin & Yang: Now ALSO on Tuesday's 5:30-6:30pm

ABY will now be offering another Yin & Yang class on Tuesday evening! Come experience the harmonizing balance of Yin & Yang Yoga with Cassandra. This 60-minute class combines the slow and intentional movements of yin yoga to target the deeper tissues of the body, with the dynamic and invigorating flows of yang yoga to energize the muscles and cardiovascular system. Together, these two practices create balancing experience that will leave you feeling centered, relaxed, and revitalized. 

Yoga Nidra: Every other Tuesday (rotating with Roll & Restore) 7-8:15pm

Yoga Nidra means “Yogic Sleep” and is a form of “productive rest” guided by Lisa Dumas that invites the practitioner to lie down in relaxation and be guided through a deeply restorative meditation including a body scan, breath awareness and imagery. Yoga Nidra has been shown to aid in stress reduction, symptoms of anxiety, depression, PMS and chronic pain. It may also support sleep, mood and overall vitality. Please come dressed comfortably and bring layers to remain warm while the body has the experience of sleep while the mind is invited to rest.


Forrest Yoga Core: Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm

This 60-minute with Rahshaana Green delves into the intricate sequences of Forrest Yoga. Expect a dynamic practice that combines powerful flows, deep breathing, and targeted core engagement to awaken your inner strength. With a focus on alignment, precision, and mindfulness, you'll be guided through a series of poses that will leave you feeling empowered, centered, and connected.


Jivamukti: Wednesdays 7-8pm

This class taught by Angelica Casey opens with Sanskrit chanting, takes the student through classic vinyasa poses, ashtanga elements, multiple inversions as well as yin/restorative moments. In 60 minutes, we will touch on all of the 5 tenets of Jivamukti, leaving the mind feeling rested and restored, while the body is invigorated and warm. More information HERE 

Saturday Morning Therapeutic Flow: NOW 9-10:15AM

Early sunshine means an earlier Saturday morning class with Lisa Dumas that supports your practice AND your weekend plans. Saturday morning Therapeutic Flow will be one hour earlier.

Premium Summer Membership Opportunity

To help you continue your path of self-care and community care, we’ve created special pricing for a membership that lasts for 5 MONTHS from the date of purchase. Invest in your practice right through till fall for $555! Offer available only until June 20th.

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