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Jenny (she/her) 

My yoga & movement practice is always evolving. As I get older and my life seems to be in constant shift, I am inspired by spaces on the trail or by the pool, in the garden or on the beach to practice healing movements. It is possible that you may encounter me on one of the bridges on Perseverance trail doing heel raises, squats and down dog. In my home, I have mats and blocks next to the stove, by my bed and on the porch to support a more fluid practice. Injury, the seasons, life-experiences and my changing-aging body are a constant guide.


Being creative, inquisitive and playful in my body is often how I process and heal. Weights, bands, blocks and kitchen countertops are just some of the props I use to access different postures and joy. I am invigorated by linking movements together in sequences that combine yoga postures, PT, functional fitness, meditation and metaphor. 


As a teacher, I offer an inquiry-based model to my students which incorporates kindness and edges, personal experience and poetry. I like to do detective work - looking for clues by examining physiology, form and lifestyle; testing hypotheses through dissection, discussion and trial and error. At the end of the day, it's not about fixing my students, (or myself) but honing tools to create shifts, uncover pockets of awareness and practice caring for ourselves with tenderness and love. 


Teachers that have inspired (and challenged) me: 


200 hour teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute 

Advanced teacher trainings with Ana Forrest 

Teaching Training and Roll Model Methods with Jill Miller. 

Weekend retreats with Katie Bowman 

My Juneau community of teachers

My ongoing practice

My Students & Friends



My injuries & My abilities 

The great outdoors

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