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Full Moon Holotropic Breathwork Journey

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

June 21st, 7:15-10pm | Lani’s trauma-compassionate Holotropic Breathwork midwives trauma release.

  • 45 US dollars
  • Auke Bay

Service Description

Contraindications would include higher levels/more on the extreme ends of mental health, such as diagnosed or untreated bipolar or schizophrenia, history of experiencing epilepsy/seizures, anything physical heart and lung health concerns, such as low/high blood pressure and concerned levels of asthma, Traumatic brain injuries, any recent surgery within 3-6 months, etc. Read more about your breath work guide Lani Lumbab here: Holotropic Breathwork is an active, deep, rhythmic and accelerated form of breathing. It was specifically designed to help cope and/or release trauma in the body and achieve success on many levels. From Lani's experience, it seems to be a combination of somatic therapy, hypnotherapy and activates the lymphatic system, addressing the immune system. It helps detox the body of excess elements, move through old stories that hold us back from experiencing Life the way we want to, helps removes toxins stagnated in the body, balance our hormones, help regulate blood pressure. Breathwork Journeys can be a very deep and intense experience; rebirthing experience, if you will; it is not always easy. Every Journey is different. Doing deep inner work isn’t always easy, but you are worthy of it. It is possible to have the life you want, you just have to do the work. And I am here to support you. At times your experience may be cathartic and/or 'psychedelic.” For those of you who have experienced plant medicine before or certain drugs that alter your state of mind and senses, this experience is similar. Instead of using drugs or plant medicine, you are using your breath alone. For those who are wanting to address their own addictions, this can be very helpful. This can help with asthma, post-traumatic stress disorders, immune system build up and much more. Music/sound is often utilized to help deepen the experience with Holotropic Breathwork. Lani will coach some of the experience. This is a safe place to express your emotions and move through things, move your body and makes sounds. It is invited, encouraged and welcome. Come with an empty stomach, warm clothing, a pen, chapstick, a blanket and pillow, water bottle, and an open mind. If you have major/extreme concerns with mental, emotional, physical health, taking high doses of medication, etc. It is required to talk with your primary Health Physician/Doctors before attending this workshop.

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Cancellation Policy

Please note that classes canceled less than two hours in advance cannot be refunded and will be deducted from membership packages. Thank you!

Contact Details

  • 11798 Glacier Highway in Suite 06, Juneau AK 99801


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