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Brett is deeply drawn to restorative, therapeutic, and meditative components of practice. She sees her practice as a friend, a brilliant yoga-mat-sized world full of puzzles and riddles and flashes of insight and tiny miracles. She limped into her first yoga class in 2006 seeking relief from an athletic injury and is constantly amazed by the nuances of healing yoga can offer. As a teacher she is principally interested in supporting her students’ experience of self-sovereign embodiment. 

She teaches yin yoga, a deep, quiet practice that focuses on connective tissue: literally, re-integrating the body. She first studied yin with Esalen-based teacher Rob Wilkes, and later trained with the renowned yin teacher Bernie Clark.  After completing an initial 200hrs with Eka Ekong, she apprenticed with her mentor teacher Alison Smith for years of yoga anatomy, philosophy, and teaching skills.  Her prayer while teaching is to create healing space: space to knit together, to settle, to tend our inner altars and soothe our nervous systems.

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