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Amelia has been a YA-certified teacher since 2010. She studied at the Rasas School of Vinyasa Yoga in Costa Rica and Philadelphia, and with Yoga Mandir in San Jose, Costa Rica. Amelia enjoys working with heat-building standing sequences, detoxifying twists, gentle backbends and inversions, and cooling forward folds to provide opening and balance throughout the body. She teaches warming, accessible flow classes set to music with a focus on aligning movement with breath, restoring symmetry to the body, safely increasing mobility, and modifying for students' individual needs.


As well as teaching in dedicated yoga studio settings, Amelia has taught in fitness studios, community centers, private and small group sessions, and as a volunteer for youth athletes, for fundraising causes, and for individuals in recovery. She has developed a formal syllabus and curriculum and taught yoga for PE credit in a university setting for several semesters. Amelia currently practices with her teacher Stephanie at Raven Yoga Shala.


She hopes through her classes, students will have fun, relax, find comfort in their bodies, and gain some strength, balance, and flexibility.

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