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Aims Villanueva-Alf (she/they) 200 BIPOC YTT / 200 RYT * trauma informed . esoteric . metaphysical 


As a restaurant owner, chef, integrative nutritionist, and shadow work guide, Aims interacts every single day by feeding & nourishing people’s bodies and minds. 


With a background in strength training and need for expelling energy, she found herself disassociating with the heavy weights instead of healing.  Yoga became the added ritual to guide her through the trauma and allow her to process and regroup.

By creating a brave space to examine the assumptions made in yoga & meditation, she invites all bodies to get curious by acknowledging and listening to help allow the subconscious to become conscious. 


Aims specializes in encouraging you to summon intuition, develop personal power, cultivate inner healing, and connect with higher self- she uses sound vibration, guided meditation, breath work and asana to invite your shadow layers to be filled with light and self love. 


She is especially passionate about teaching BIPOC & humans who feel like they aren't flexible or fit enough to do yoga. She believes every body is a yoga body and yoga can amplify our own spiritual intention. 

"Healing: the most powerful Magick of them all... See you on the mat, Witches!" 

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